Economic Inequality

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Economic Inequality by Mind Map: Economic Inequality

1. Social classes

1.1. Social immobility

1.1.1. lack of educational opportunitue Rise in crimes More prisons and punishment Ghettoisation Safety issues

1.1.2. Alcoholism, mentalillness

2. Instability

2.1. Demonstrations caused by diffrences

2.1.1. Police violence

3. Government

3.1. Usage of power

3.1.1. Demonstrations More police More punishments

3.2. "Open minded"

3.2.1. Negotiations Agreements More equality

3.3. Supports the rich and high educated

3.3.1. More trades/ Business Demonstrations More police

3.4. Supports the poor and low educated

3.4.1. Less homeless Less trades/ business Rich people put money into Tax heaven