Unit 1 Part 2 Absolute Value

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Unit 1 Part 2 Absolute Value by Mind Map: Unit 1 Part 2 Absolute Value

1. How do you recognize the absolute value parent functions?

1.1. V shape

1.2. Straight lines

1.3. Vertex

2. How do you solve absolute value equations algebraically and graphically?

2.1. First, isolate the absolute value, remember to check the car, split and solve for x, then verify your answer!

2.2. Ex: |3x+7|=8 it is already isolated and we checked the car... solve for x using |3x+7|=-8 and |3x+7|=8. x=-5, 1/3

3. How do you explore the absolute value functions?

3.1. Use the formula y=a|x-h|+k

3.2. a=slope h=distance to get back to x k=y value of the vertex

3.3. Ex: vertex (4,5) y=|x-4|+5 would be the absolute value function, based on the given vertex.

4. What are the math notations that we will need?

4.1. ∈ means "is an element of"

4.2. ∉ means "is not an element of"

4.3. ℝ means real numbers.

4.4. ∪ means combine, union, "or"

4.5. ∩ means shared, intersection, "and"