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My Network by Mind Map: My Network

1. My sister Dorothy. She is attending the Nursing program in college and she works at a care home so she knows a lot of the teachers and has connections to the staff at the care home.

2. My mom, Monika. She works at a care home that I want to apply to after my second semester in college and she can recommend me to the employers.

3. Christianero Nepomuceno. He is one of the shift leaders at my part time job Dairy Queen. He can write reference letter and he can recommend me to future emlpoyers.

4. Sherwin Santos. He is manager at Dairy Queen and he has connections to a lot of staff at the care home. He has connections to a bunch of other managers and employers.

5. Andreas Schaefer. He is a member of my church and a family friend who is a registered nurse and works at Kelowna General Hospital. He has connections to staff and emlpoyers at the hospital.

6. Todd Mallen is the Director of Resident Services at Vantage Living Care Home, where my mom and sister are emlpoyed and he has connections to the owner Lance Torgerson.

7. My dad Otto. He works at a granite company and he has experience in looking for jobs and he has set a good example for me. He has connections to the Owner of the company and also other companies.

8. Lance Torgerson is the majority owner of Vantage Living Care home and he is also the founder/owner of Noralta Lodge and he is also very well connected throughout Western Canada and has strong family roots.

9. Thomas Bankowski is my best friends brother and he owns a company of his own. It is a building company called Bankowski Built and he has lots of good connections to other business owners and such.

10. My best friend Alice Bankowski. Her dad opened his own business in Germany and was very successful and her brother Thomas owns a building company.

11. Alisa Rampone. She is the Office General Manager of KGH and she can play a role in my employment at KGH.

12. Ken Zarr, coordinator, volunteer service at KGH. He can help me with my volunteer work and he actually helped my sister who volunteered at the hospital.