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My Network by Mind Map: My Network

1. 1.My Dad: Who owns a very successful audio-visual company and could help me in a a lot ways when trying to find a job through the business or through his personal friends.

1.1. My dads friend Rob: who is a painter and could potentially help me find a job in that line of work.

1.2. The owners or management staff of the Kelowna Rockets, Victoria Royals, Vancouver Giants, and Vancouver Whitecaps: My dad has done audio/visual work for all of these teams and could help me get a variety of different jobs working for these teams.

2. 1.My friends Owen, Brandon, and Miles: Who all work at the Okanagan golf club and have already helped me get a job there.

2.1. Both of Brandons parents, and Owens mom who are all teachers of some kind and could help me get a job in teaching if I was interested.

2.2. Co-workers of ours Clay and Connor who are both golf instructors and could be a good reference if I was interested in teaching golf.

3. 1.My friends Parker, Erik, Karson, and Cody: Who have all worked at a restaurant called the OKF grill and could potentially help me get a job there.

3.1. 2.There Boss Jenette: Who is also a family friend of mine and would be an awesome boss for me if I were to work there

4. 2.My hockey coach Todd: Who could potentially get me a job as a coach or another position higher up in the ranks of Winfield Minor Hockey.

4.1. The organizer of the Okanagan Minor Hockey Association: Who could get me a volunteer or a paid job as a minor hockey coach.

5. 1.My Mom: Who is a Pharmacist and could definitely help me out if I were to pursue that line of work.

5.1. My Moms boss at the Kelowna Safeway Pharmacy: Who would be a very valuable person to talk to if I were to go into the Pharmacy/Pharmacist industry.

6. 1.My uncle Dean: who has worked variety of jobs in his life including jobs at the Predator Ridge golf course and in the production booth of the Kelowna Rockets games.

6.1. The owner of the Kelowna rockets Bruce Hamilton: who I would like to meet sometime down the road to apply for a job as a scout, or equipment staff member for the Kelowna rockets.

6.2. The president or owner of the Predator Ridge Golf Course: Who could maybe one day, get me an upgrade in my career in the golf industry.