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ME by Mind Map: ME

1. K2 STONE. He is constantly in contact with K2, a successful stone cone company ran out of the Lower Mainland. Could potentially land me a job interview or tips on how to run my own business.

1.1. Owner of K2 STONE. Could show me how to successfully run a business or how to start one. Can further introduce me to people if I were to ever start up my own business. Could help guide me or I could potentially land a job shadow or an actual job for K2.

2. Principal Weninger. Principal at GESS able to help me choose a university that suits the career plan that I choose. Has knowledge about the school system that I do not.

3. French Montana. Kamar filmed a music video for the rapper French Montana. French is very successful and could be able to help me become successful as well.

4. Jaeden's Auntie. Lives in Victoria and has friends who work in the University, could create a contact with one of the professors.

4.1. Professor at UVIC. could help enroll me in the UVIC program or introduce me to a different program that I may not know about.

5. Science Professor at TWU. Incase I want to pursue an education in the sciences he could also introduce me to a job once I get my degree.

6. Aaron Muhic. Head coach of Trinity Western Men's Basketball team. Also my former coach on Team BC. Could help introduce me to one of the professors at the University.

7. Kathy Lafontaine. Teacher at George Elliot, could help me pursue a career in teaching or contact someone who could. Or could help with something like a Job Shadow.

8. Father. My dad is the production manager at Kettle Valley Stone, incase I want to choose a career with physical labour or management.

9. Grandma & Grandpa. Grandma was the dean of students at Olympic College in Washington. Grandpa is an Architect. Could help set me up with the right contacts.

10. Kamar Burke, currently a professional videographer, and ex-pro basketball player. Tons of contacts in the music industry due to filming.

11. Coach Dave, has many contacts in the 'basketball-world' and used to be a university level ref. If I wanted to pursue a non-player career in basketball.

12. Friend Nic, Both of his parents are teachers.

13. Jaeden Lever. Friend at George Elliot. His father Father does HVAC, and Mom is a teacher.