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My Network by Mind Map: My Network

1. Mom: Has many coworkers and friends that she can get lots of information from for me. She has also worked a few accounting jobs , so she could tell me things about that.

2. Dad: Has helped me get a job in previous years where he works because he put in a good word for me.

3. Brother: He has worked at some fast food places so he knows the owners and could get me their information if i'm looking for a job at my age right now.

4. Family Friends: I have gotten to know some of my parents friends pretty well, and they all work in very different fields so I could definitely get feedback from them.

5. Coaches: They usually know many people since they have interacted with so many peoples families. I have always had a positive attitude so they could also help me by putting in a good word.

6. Parents coworkers: Has coworkers and bosses who they might be able to refer me to

7. My moms boss: My mom is a type of accountant and I might consider doing something that field when I am older, so I could talk to her boss to get information

8. My gym teacher Mr. frechette: He has always been a kind person and is very helpful, I could go to him for any questions I have about the way the work field in a school works

9. My neighbour: She is a teacher and can tell me about teaching and what it is like to be one and how hard it was to become one.

10. Counsellor: At my school we have a couple counsellors and they can help me with any questions I have and know a lot about the work field.

11. Physiotherapists: I have been thinking of being a physiotherapist, I have so many options that i have been thinking of. I could go one and see how they feel about their job and if they have any advice.

12. Neighbors: My mom is friends with the neighbors up the road, I have never met them but I could ask them about their job since they work in the human resources field which i find very interesting.

13. Professor: I think it would be a good idea to see a professor at a university. They usually know a lot about what they do and the stuff they teach

14. Someone with a businesses degree: They could tell me a lot of business, and how their journey has gone as a business person.

15. Bestfriend: Her parents work at some pretty high positioned jobs , I can go to them for information.