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My Network by Mind Map: My Network

1. William - my dads boss knows our family pretty well so he could let me know if any jobs pop up that i might be interested in and or put in a good word for me.

2. My Friends Parents - they might know other people who are hiring in the field i'm looking to get a job in

3. Dad - my dad is well known in the community so he has quite a few connections to other business owners.

4. Mom - my mom did fun lunch and is friends with a lot of the wives of some of the local business owners

5. Ms.Brown - my teacher ms.brown knows me very well and i've done many leadership activities with her and conferences. she could help me by putting in a good word

6. My Zia - my zia is very involved in the community and known whats happening most of the time in the district and who is hiring

7. Family Friends - family friends might hear or know of other places that are hiring or other people who are looking for employees

8. My Friends - my friends parents might be able to help

9. Mrs.Boisvert - our schools career counsellor will ave connections for a lot of different jobs

10. Mrs.Gillbert - our schools counsellor can help put in a good word for you or give you good ideas.

11. The District Workers - my dad works with the district so if any jobs pop up that I might be interested in and i let them know they could help me by putting a good word in

12. My moms friend - my moms friend is a flight attendant and that's what i would like to do when i'm older

13. A Therapist - I've been interested in being a therapist and i could talk to one to figure out what schooling and classes i'd need to take and what the job is like

14. Veterinarian - i love animals and am consitering a job working with animals so i could talk to one to see what the job is like

15. An Airline Worker - if i talk to an airline worker they might put in a good word for me or maybe introduce me to the right people in order to get a job.