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My Network by Mind Map: My Network

1. My Parents are very knowlagable and helpful and they have gotten many different jobs in the past so they could definetly help .

2. Family friends can help by giving a good word to someone they may know that can help you get a job in the right place.

3. Friends can help because they may know more people that your family does'nt.

4. My brother has worked at alot of different jobs where he may be able to give me some information about.

5. My Coaches are very knowlageble peolpe who could deffinetly help to find resources.

6. Parents co-workers could also be useful my dad works for the city and my mom works for the school district so those are both two huge openings for many different jobs.

7. Teachers know me and how I work the best so they know what jobs I could work well in which van be very helpful.

8. Friends parents I know that my friends parents have many different jobs and they know what they are talking about so if I were ever interested in what they are doing I could go to them for some information.

9. Neighbors can be helpful i know a lot of them pretty well and have actually already got advice from a lot of them about a career I am interested in

10. School counselors can be very helpful they know lots of useful information about jobs so when the time comes it should be easy.

11. Bus drivers I've talked to many different bus drivers and some of them have some actually have some helpful information regarding jobs.

12. Professors can be helpful as they know everything there is to know about the field they teach in and the jobs you can get with those courses.

13. Lifeguards could be helpful you never know what they know or maybe I might end up being interested in being a life guard some day.

14. Cashiers are usually pretty talkative and if I were interested in getting a job at that store they could definitely help me out.

15. A stranger can also be helpful if I were to start conversation with someone you never know that person might be my future employer some day.