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Maori Myth by Mind Map: Maori Myth

1. Archetypes

1.1. Inseparable Lovers: Rangi and Papa

1.2. Strong Eldest Brother: Whiro

1.3. The Character that gets angry starts getting out of control and causes mischief: Tawhiri

2. Values

2.1. Whiro valued power since he wanted to do the separation of his parents since he was the eldest of the 100 children.

2.2. Papa and Rangi valued friendship and companionship since they wanted to stay together because of their love.

2.3. The 100 children valued independence and freedom. they wanted to move away from their parents and from each other.

3. Morality

3.1. Bad- Tawhiri ripped his eyes out and threw them into the heavens

3.2. Bad- Tane pushed his parents apart

3.3. Bad- Tumatauenga thought about killing the parents.

3.4. Good- Papa and Rangi had a lot of love for each other.

4. Native Culture

4.1. This myth came from the Polynesian Islands. I know this because Maori people are indigenous Polynesian people of New Zealand.

5. Characters

5.1. TE KORE- The nothing, TE PO- The night, (Sky Father)- One of the two thoughts EARTH MOTHER-The second thought created from the night TANGAROA- God of the sea, TANE- God of the forests, separated the parents. TUMATAUENGA- God of war, WHIRO- God of darkness TAWHIRIMATEA- God of the winds, wanted their parents to be left alone.

6. Settings

6.1. Te Kore the nothing: The start of the universe

6.2. The Heavens: They we're only mentioned once as a figure of speech when Tawhiri threw his eyes up into the heavens. but who cares

6.3. Earth: Papa became the earth when her and Rangi got separated.

7. Main Plot points

7.1. 1. In the beginning, there was nothing, from there came the night. The last night came with space and there came into being two thoughts, Rangi (Sky Father), and Papa (Earth Mother). They were in love and never let go of each other. Rangi and Papa had 100 children but some were Tangaroa (god of the sea), Tane (god of the forests), Tumatauenga (god of war), Whiro (god of darkness), and Tawhirimatea (god of the winds).

7.2. 2. All 100 children were trapped between their parents and could hardly move, so the children decided to do something about it. Tumateauenga thought about killing their parents, but they all decided to just seperate them. Tane carried out four poles and placed them between their parents and he kept pushing and pushing for years to just seperate them.

7.2.1. 3. Sky Father and Earth Mother were separated and became the sky above and earth below. Rangi's blood became the red of the sunset and Papa's blood became the the red clay of the earth. Light finally came into the world and all the children moved into the four corners. Tawhiri however was angry at what happened. He got so angry that he ripped out his eyes and threw them into the heavens, where they turned into the first two stars. He turned his blind fury on all of his brothers by blowing hurricanes, tornadoes and all the natural disasters. Papa and Rangi were unhappy and miss eachother so much. Rangi's tears became rivers and oceans, while Papa raises mist from the ground and sighs with lonliness.