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Norse Myth by Mind Map: Norse Myth

1. Characters

1.1. Cow (gave Ymir milk so that he could grow)

1.2. Buri (God)

1.2.1. Son; Bor (God) Son; Odin (King of Gods)

1.3. Ask (First Man)

1.4. Embla (First Woman)

1.5. Ymir (The cruel Giant)

1.6. Ymir's Giant Sisters (scratched lines into the tree of life)

2. Main plot points

2.1. Fires of Muspell melt the ices of Niflheim. freeing the giant ymir and the cow

2.2. The cow licks away the mountains of ice as ymir drinks her milk, causing him to grow

2.3. The cow licks free Buri and his wife, who then have a son named Bor

2.4. Bor has a son named odin who becomes king of the gods

2.4.1. Odin and the other gods slay ymir Ymir's body becomes the land, his blood the oceans his skull the sky and his hair the plants

2.5. Odin gathered sparks from the fiery depth of muspell and created the sun and the moon

2.5.1. the sun melted the ice from the ginnungagap and many trees and plants grow the greatest of which is Yggdasil, its roots penetrated to the very center of creation

2.6. on one of Odin's walks, he finds to dead trees, an ash and an elm.

2.6.1. he decides to make the bodies of the first man and the first women from these trees. after shaping their bodys, he breathes life into them. he named the man Ask and the women Embla

2.7. the sisters of ymir decide to plot against odin

2.7.1. they carve lines into the Yggdrasill, giving humans a set life span, birth, death and suffering they also made deep cuts at the end of each line to ensure the humans never become more powerful than gods

2.8. the spells were so powerful even Odin couldn't do anything to stop it. and thus humans knew suffering and death

3. settings

3.1. The South of Ginnugagap was the fiery realm of Muspell.

3.2. The North of Ginnugagap was the dark and cold realm of Niflhelm.

3.3. Earth- formed by Ymir's huge body

3.4. Yggdrasil-the greatest tree that grew in the center of the earth which was later known as the tree of life

3.5. Midgard - the middle land

3.6. Asgard- the realm in heaven

4. values

4.1. Odin values power when he created the sun and moon

4.2. Odin values companionship because he created people. A man and a woman.

5. archetypes

5.1. Ymir was cruel and brutal. Odin and the other gods could no longer abide by his evil acts and together the gods slew him.

5.2. Odin gathered sparks from the fiery depth of Muspell and created the sun and moon

5.3. Ymirs huge body formed the earth. his blood became the sea, his flesh became the land, his bones the mountains and his hair the trees.

6. Morality

6.1. I felt like the gods were justified in their action to slay Ymir, as he was becoming cruel and was committing evil acts. What I felt was not justified though, was the how they didn't take into account the repercussions from Ymir's' family. The death of humans could have been completely avoided if Ymir's sisters were taken into account

7. Native culture

7.1. The Scandinavians had a tie to trees, as they believed not only humans existence, bot also life itself was ties to trees

7.2. They see their gods as powerful beings who can do anything on a whim if they so wished

7.3. it is also possible that the scnadinavians were violent, as they say their earth sky and trees are made from the giant ymirs body,

7.3.1. And if thet wasnt violent enough, the rivers, oceand etc were made from his blood