Animal Rights

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Animal Rights by Mind Map: Animal Rights

1. ethical dilemma

1.1. - misinterpreted as demanding "human right" for non humans

1.2. - animals are deemed as property

1.3. - labelled as food

1.4. - failure to protect their interests wrongs both our interests and the animals

2. author

2.1. - Steven M. Wise (born 1952, age 65) is an American legal scholar who specializes in animal protection issues, primatology, and animal intelligence. He teaches animal rights law at Harvard Law School

2.2. - Wise has written four books (all on animal movements)

2.3. - Wise's position on animal rights is that some animals meet the criteria of legal personhood, and should therefore be awarded certain rights and protections

3. working towards...

3.1. - achieving legal personhood for non human animals

3.2. - demanding legal rights appropriate to the level of cognition

3.3. - sharing a planet with other species with similar fundamental rights

3.4. - autonomous and self-determining animals declared legal persons

4. actions being taken

4.1. - mass protests

4.2. - fierce lobbying

4.3. - litigations

4.4. - draft treaties

5. animal vs. human rights

5.1. humans:

5.1.1. animals:

5.1.2. -reconized has property

5.1.3. -abuse

5.1.4. -no say

5.1.5. -NO RIGHTS

5.2. -legal person

5.3. -right to life

5.4. -liberty

5.5. -equality

5.6. -security etc.

6. animal right movement vs. anti cruelty legislation

6.1. - animal right movements want legal rights to protect fundamental interests of the animals

6.2. - the anti cruelty legislation reaches deeper into the world wide anti slavery movements

7. counter arguments

7.1. - AR activists have a right to be vegan, and should respect my right to eat meat.

7.2. - Animal rights is extreme.

7.3. - If it's OK for lions to eat meat, it should be OK for people to eat meat

7.4. - Rights come from the ability to think – not the ability to suffer.

7.5. - Animals cannot have rights because they do not have duties.