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Native Myth by Mind Map: Native Myth

1. What

1.1. What was Earth's name and why do you it was named that?

1.2. What was sky's name and why do you it was named that?

1.3. What significance does the hill have in the myth?

1.4. In what way does the hill represent Egyptian architecture?

1.5. In what way does native myth effect the myth?

1.6. What native myth did you find interesting? Why?

1.7. What other native culture did you find in the myth? give at least one.

1.8. What do you think about native myth do you think they are important to the myth? If so why?

1.9. What do the gods get in return of protecting the men?

1.10. What significance does the name of the Earth and the sky have in the myth?

2. When

2.1. when you think about religion what do you think it is?

3. why

3.1. Why do you think men asking the gods for protection is religion.

3.2. Why would they name the Earth and the sky?

3.3. Why would Atum make a hill where no one could stand?

3.4. Why do you think in almost every myth religion is a part of their culture?

3.5. Why should you care about the native culture of a myth?

3.6. Why would the gods protect men?

4. where

4.1. Where would you find structures which would represent the hill which no one can stand on?

5. who

5.1. Out of all the gods who do you think the men are asking for protection?