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1. who

1.1. Who had the best values? Why?

1.2. Out of Shu and Tefnut or Geb and Nut who has better values?

1.3. Out of all the character

2. what

2.1. What value from the myth do you think people should use in everyday life? Why?

2.2. what value do you think are missing from the myth?

2.3. What values didn't fit the myth? why?

2.4. What values do you think of when you hear the word

2.5. If there was there was conflict in the myth what what values would the characters have?

2.6. What would be the story like if the characters did not value helping others?

3. where

3.1. where do you think the values could have been improved?

3.2. where should a person use the value of helping others. Why?

4. why

4.1. why do most characters value helping others and friendship?

4.2. why dd Atum value independence at first but later came to value family?

4.3. Why would Geb (the earth) and Nut (the sky) help each other?

4.4. Why do you think that Atum send his all seeing eye and not go himself? If I really valued my family I would go my self to find them.

4.5. Why do a lot of characters value of helping others ?

5. when

5.1. when you think about value of security what comes to your mind?

5.2. When Atum created himself through his thoughts and sheer will, Why was there no one else to create them selves through thoughts and will?

5.3. When Atum created himself what do you think was going through his mind?

5.4. When you read the story what values did you find to be interesting?