Norse Myth: Characters (20 Questions)

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Norse Myth: Characters (20 Questions) by Mind Map: Norse Myth: Characters (20 Questions)

1. What

1.1. What happened to the gods that caused them to be frozen in ice?

1.2. What was the relation between Ymir and his sisters? Was he close to them?

1.3. What about Odin made him the perfect choice to become the King Of All Gods?

1.4. What caused the cruel and evil behavior of the giant Ymir?

1.5. What did Ymir eat? was he living off of only milk from the Cow?

2. Who

2.1. Who are the parents of Ymir?

2.2. Who did/does the Cow belong to?

2.3. Who was responsibility for the crystallization of the gods

3. Where

3.1. Where were the gods before Ymir came along?

3.2. Where is the Cow from?

4. Why

4.1. Why; was Odin chosen to be the "King of all gods"?

4.2. why were only Ymir and a Cow, "released" from the realm of emptiness?

4.3. Why were the Gods, that were frozen in ice, only get released by a cow, and not by the fire/embers from the Muspel?

4.4. Why did Ymir start doing evil/cruel acts. it was only him a cow and a lot of land to "explore"

5. When

5.1. When were Ymir's sisters "born"?

5.2. When do the gods decide that Ymir has done too many cruel/evil things?

5.3. When Ymir was introduced into the snow/ice realm, did anything other then him and the cow also come through?

6. How

6.1. How did Ymir come across as cruel to the gods, what acts did he do to "trigger" them?

6.2. How was Odin raised?

6.3. How does/did Ymir treat the cow?