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archetypes by Mind Map: archetypes

1. who

1.1. who portrays each archetype

1.2. who,s archetype decides where the story goes

2. what

2.1. what are the archetypes in this story

2.2. what archetype does each character portray

2.3. what archetypes play key roles in the story

2.4. what archetypes are the most important

2.5. what archetypes make this story good

3. where

3.1. where do archetypes effect the story

3.2. where was each archetype created in the story

4. when

4.1. when were archetypes shown in the story

4.2. when does each archetype enter the story

5. why

5.1. why did atum create himself

5.2. why did atum feel the need to make other gods

5.3. why was there chaos before atums creation

5.4. why were the other gods

5.5. why are archetypes important in this story

6. how

6.1. how does each archetype affect the story

6.2. how come the archetypes where different from other creation stories

6.3. how do characters in the story show their archetype

6.4. how does atums archetype affect the story