questions on values

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questions on values by Mind Map: questions on values

1. What was odins value?

2. what moral judgement did Odin and the other gods express towards Ymir?

3. Who named the humans?

4. where did Odin lift the humans from when he formed them

5. What task did humans have?

6. When was the sun and moon created?

7. why did odin create man and women?

8. Who was the most powerful in this myth?

9. what value did Ymir sisters have?

10. how did Odin show creativity?

11. how was odin different from the other gods?

12. what powers did ymir have

13. how was odin able to create the sun and moon?

14. how did ymirs sisters take revenge on the gods who killed him?

15. why did Odin try to help the humans

16. why was ymir cruel and brutal

17. when did odin become the king of gods

18. who were ymirs parents?

19. why did odin become the king out of all the other gods

20. why was the cow licking the ice