Norse Myth: Native Culture 20 Questions

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Norse Myth: Native Culture 20 Questions by Mind Map: Norse Myth: Native Culture 20 Questions

1. Who

1.1. Who, if anyone were the mtyths and characters bassed on

1.2. Who were the people who came up with these myths?

1.3. Who were the first scandinavians

1.4. Who was the one who first thought of the idea of a god, if anyone was the first

2. What

2.1. What was going through the minds of the Scandinavians when they came up with the myth

2.2. What were the scandinavians reasoning for including many differnt, unusual animals in their myths {such as the cow or slepnir}

2.3. What were the scandinavians like

3. When

3.1. When exactly did the Scandinavian culture first arise?

3.2. When did these myths of gods come about?

3.3. When did the scandinavians first start pondering their world

4. Where

4.1. Where did the Scandinavians come up with the ideas for these myths

4.2. Where was the first scandinavian teritory

5. Why

5.1. Why were trees so important in their culture

5.2. Why were gods such a focal point of the many myths of this culture

5.3. Why was the earth made from the deceased body of a giant

6. How

6.1. How did the Scandinavians come up with such a detailed myth of creation?

6.2. How did the scandinavians first come up with this plot of creation

6.3. How did the scandinavians decide on what to base their myth on

6.3.1. How did they decide what it would contain

6.4. How did the scandinavian culture manage to last this long