Main Plot Points

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Main Plot Points by Mind Map: Main Plot Points

1. Who

1.1. How important were the other 6 gods and who were they?

2. What

2.1. What was the main purpose of the gods that Shu and Tefnut produced?

2.2. If the myth was to continue, what might happen after man was created?

2.3. What is Maat and how important was it?

2.4. What was the chaos before time about?

2.5. What would have happened if Atum didn't have a son and a daughter?

3. When

3.1. Was Nut always watching over Geb?

3.2. When men were created, did they already know about there god and what there task was?

3.3. When the tears hit the earth, did men get created right away or did it take a while?

4. Where

4.1. Where was Nu located and how did it become a thing?

4.2. Where did Tefnut live?

4.3. Did Shu and Tefnut have a fixed spot to live or did they just roam around the heavens and the earth doing tasks?

4.4. Where did the 6 other gods live?

5. Why

5.1. Why did Atum give birth to his son by spitting him out?

5.2. Why did Atum give birth to his daughter by vomiting?

5.3. Why did Atum want to create man in the first place?

5.4. Why was there a god of evil when there was no conflict at all?

5.5. Why did Shu and Tefnut create the 6 other gods?

6. How

6.1. How did Atum make a son and a daughter with his shadow?

6.2. How powerful is Atum?