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Setting by Mind Map: Setting

1. Who

1.1. Who's idea was it to produce Geb?

1.2. Who's idea was it to create Nut?

1.3. Who came up with the names Geb and Nut?

2. What

2.1. What happened right after the earth and sky were created?

2.2. What type of powers did Shu use in order to push Nut up into the heavens?

2.3. What could Nu have looked like?

3. When

3.1. When did Atum come out he waters and how did he create himself with his thoughts and the sheer force of his will?

3.2. When Nut was in the sky, was he able to make it any weather he wants?

3.3. When men were created, what do you think they did to the earth?

4. Where

4.1. Where did the 6 other gods live?

4.2. Where were the 6 other gods created: on earth or the heavens?

5. Why

5.1. At first, why was the earth and sky tangled together as one, does that mean they were close together at first but then slowly separated?

5.2. Why did Atum created a hill because there was no where he could stand? Does that mean he couldn't fly?

5.3. Why did the earth and sky have there own names?(Geb and Nut)

6. How

6.1. How big could the earth have been?

6.2. How big was Nu?

6.3. How hard did the men have to work to tend the earth?

6.4. How did Shu and Tefnut create the earth?

6.5. How did Shu and Tefnut create Nut?

6.6. How did Shu and Tefnut get lost in Nu? Was it really that big?