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Chinese Myth: Yin and Yang by Mind Map: Chinese Myth: Yin and Yang

1. Nuwa (half dragon goddess) was born after pan-gu died. Nuwa created man and woman from mud (known as mud people)

2. Native Culture

2.1. Giant Dragon- Pan-gu> Chinese dragons are considered powerful and a symbol in the Chinese culture

2.1.1. Mud people> created by Nuwa> referred as mother of all humans

2.2. Yin and Yang> represents male and female, cold and hot, wet and dry, dark and light. Chinese culture refer to Yin and Yang for life guides

2.2.1. Nuwa>half dragon goddess Pan-gu (giant dragon) The egg containing chaos

3. Values

3.1. Family: Nuwa created humans because she wanted other beings to talk and share ideas with, as well as love.

3.2. Creativity: Nuwa sculpted humans out of mud from the mud banks.

3.3. Independence: Pan-gu created Earth by himself.

3.4. Friendship and companionship: Nuwa wanted to have other beings to love, talk to, and share ideas with so she created humans.

4. Main plot points

4.1. Begining - enormous egg- chaos- inside the chaos was yin and yang.

4.2. Pan-gu came out from the egg, pan-gu created the world (river, stars, land)

4.3. Pan-gu died, parts of his body were used to create more. (mountains, skull formed the top of the sky, the hair created flowers & plants.

4.3.1. Bones turned to jade, pearls, and arms and legs. The 4 directions, blood became the rivers, breath turned into the wind, voice to thunder.

4.3.2. One eye became the sun, the other became the moon.

4.4. Man and woman were to populate the earth.

4.5. Nuwa grabbed hold of muddy sticks and flung drop of mud across the land.

5. Morality

5.1. Good

5.1.1. Bad

5.2. Pan-gu

5.2.1. Yin and Yang

5.3. Nuwa

6. Characters

6.1. Pan-Gu

6.1.1. < Giant dragon who created Earth.

6.2. Nuwa

6.2.1. < Half-dragon goddess who created Humans.

6.3. Yin and Yang

6.3.1. < Contained inside the egg along with chaos.

6.4. Mud-People (Human Beings)

6.4.1. < Made of mud (hence their name), populated the Earth.

7. Archetypes

7.1. Creator: Pan-gu, Nuwa, They both created something. Pan-gu created the earth on his own, and Nuwa created people.

7.2. Earth Mother: Nuwa, she was worshiped, loved, and talked to as family. She created people for mud to do those thing.

8. Settings

8.1. Earth: Was created by the giant dragon Pan-gu. Is populated by the humans that Nuwa created.