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Art by Mind Map: Art

1. Projects

1.1. Scratch board art

1.1.1. We have to create or convert a picture

1.2. Pen and Ink Project

1.2.1. We had to create a 50% black 50 % white picture

1.3. Perspective building project

1.3.1. We had to create a fantasy 3D city

1.4. Take a line for a walk

1.4.1. We had to get a line with at least 7 changes

1.5. Card board sculpture

1.5.1. We had to create a sculpture using Card board

1.5.2. Mickey Mouse

2. Fine Arts Festvial

2.1. Every year

2.2. This year it was on Wednesdy May 9th

2.3. There were many drawings and paintings all over the cafeteria

3. Sketch book

3.1. We have to sketch something every class

3.2. We have 20minutes to sketch in the beggening of class

3.3. 25% of our grade

4. Teacher

4.1. Mrs. Ulenhake

4.1.1. Strict

4.1.2. Calm

4.1.3. Kind

4.1.4. Experienced

4.1.5. Qualified

4.1.6. Talented

5. Krispy Kreme Project