Executive Optical (EO) Project

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Executive Optical (EO) Project by Mind Map: Executive Optical (EO) Project

1. Website Creation

1.1. Research Competitors

1.2. Buy Hosting & Domain

1.3. Install WordPress

1.3.1. Install Plugins & Themes

2. Social Media Pages (Social Media Marketing, Build Website Traffic)

2.1. Create Social Media Pages

2.2. Create Contents (Text, Videos, Images etc.)

2.3. Social Media Sites

2.3.1. Facebook

2.3.2. Twitter

2.3.3. LinkedIn

2.3.4. Instagram

2.3.5. Pinterest

2.3.6. Google Plus

2.4. Tools To Use

2.4.1. Image Creation Canva Adobe Photoshop

2.4.2. Video Creation Powtoon Renderforest Youtube

2.5. Analytics

2.5.1. Use The Analytics Tool In The Social Media Sites To Find Out What Type Of Contents The Audience/Followers Really Wants, To Monitor The Engagement Of Your Audience/Followers

2.6. Research

2.6.1. Research Relevant Contents To Be Use in Building The Social Media Pages

2.7. Paid Traffic

2.7.1. Use Paid Traffic Options Within The Social Media Sites How Much To Spend (Budgeting) How Long The Ads Will Run Target The Right Audience Use Text/Images That Are Catchy Constant Monitoring

2.8. Website Monitoring

2.8.1. Monitor/Track The Traffic That Comes From Social Media Sites To The Website

2.9. Constant Monitoring

2.9.1. Social Media Marketing Must Be Monitored From Time To Time

2.10. Target Audience

2.10.1. People With Eyesight Issues

2.10.2. People Who Needs Glasses Or Sunglasses

2.10.3. People Who Needs Eye CheckUp

2.10.4. People Who Needs Custom Glasses

3. SEO (Build Website Traffic)

3.1. Website Audit

3.1.1. Analyze All The Factors That Affect The Visibility Of The Website In Search Engines.

3.2. Keyword Research

3.2.1. Use Google Keyword Planner Or Other Keyword Research Tools.

3.2.2. Pick The Right Keywords

3.3. On Page Optimization

3.3.1. Use The Right Tags

3.3.2. Pages Link Should Be Well Structured

3.3.3. Contents Should Have The Right Keywords, Images Must Have a Proper File Name

3.4. Off Page Optimization (Building Links)

3.4.1. Build Links

3.4.2. Link Quality is Important

3.4.3. Examples Of Link Building Strategies: Find Link Opportunities, Give Testimonials, Link Roundups, Blogger Reviews, Link Reclamation, .Edu Resource Backlinks, Submit Site To Blog Aggregators, Find Guest Postings Gigs On Twitter, Broken Link Building, Google+Profile, Infographics etc.

3.5. Constant Monitoring

3.5.1. Website SEO Must Be Monitored From Time To Time

3.6. Target Audience

3.6.1. People With Eyesight Issues

3.6.2. People Who Needs Glasses Or SunGlasses

3.6.3. People Who Needs Eye CheckUp

3.6.4. People Who Needs Custom Glasses

4. Create Content

4.1. Keyword Research

4.1.1. Use Google Keyword Planner Or Other Tools And Find The Best Keywords To Use

4.2. Trending Topics

4.2.1. Research Trending Topics

4.3. Solve Problem

4.3.1. Contents Must Solve Problem (Eyesight Problem, People With Eyesight Deficiency)

4.4. Creative/Catchy

4.4.1. Content Must Be Creative/Catchy, Use Texts, Images, Videos etc.

4.5. Tools To Use

4.5.1. Image Creation Canva Adobe Photoshop

4.5.2. Video Creation Powtoon Renderforest Youtube

5. Goals

5.1. Create Website

5.2. Build Traffic To The Website

5.3. Create Social Media Pages

5.4. Create Content