Module 2: Unit Development

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Module 2: Unit Development by Mind Map: Module 2:  Unit Development

1. Assignment 2.1 - Readings and Discussion

1.1. Learning Objective:

1.1.1. Explore performance assessments through readings and board postings.

1.2. Complete the Readings

1.2.1. What should students know at the end of the unit?

1.2.2. What are you currently teaching?

1.2.3. Steps for learning

1.2.4. "Teach to the test" "Implementing Performance Assessment"

1.3. Assessment

1.3.1. Discussion board post

1.3.2. Discussion board post rubric - 2.1

1.3.3. Completed by Day 4

1.4. Completed by Day 2

2. Learning Goal: Participants will create a unit outline based on backward design.

2.1. Demonstrate strategies for organizing units.

2.2. Apply basic principles of Backward Design to an existing unit

3. Assignment 2.2

3.1. Use a unit you currently teach to complete the Unit template.

3.2. Assessment

3.2.1. Post design template to forum Use an online version: Use Microsoft Word template Post by Day 6 Assessment Unit Template Rubric

3.2.2. Respond to classmate Completed by end of Module 2

3.2.3. Graded with discussion board participation rubric