Suggested Marketing Plan

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Suggested Marketing Plan by Mind Map: Suggested Marketing Plan

1. 1. Identify our ' Golden Circle'

1.1. 1. Why do you do what you do?

1.1.1. what is your purpose

1.1.2. your not looking to do business with people who need what you do. your looking to do business with people who believe in what you do.

1.1.3. spend enough time crafting your vision/mission. this document will serve as a internal compass to guide internally and externally from the top down. become THE world UAV leaders complete solution specialist for specific sectors, like surveillance, mining and medical assistance Offer the largest UAV testing facility in Africa

1.2. 2. How do you do it?

1.2.1. what is your differentiation?

1.2.2. what is your value proposition

1.3. 3. What you do

1.3.1. what do you need to solve

1.3.2. what is your product or service

2. 2. Re-look our current Marketing platforms to match our Why,How and What

2.1. Website

2.2. All marketing channels

2.2.1. LinkedIn

2.2.2. Newsletters

2.3. Video - new main one

2.4. Fresh, new content

3. 3. Strategy & Budget 2018

3.1. Digital advertising

3.1.1. Google Adwords

3.1.2. LinkedIn Direct marketing campaigns

3.2. Events & Exhibitions

3.3. PR

3.4. Product Launch / REACH

3.5. Asses Carey to do/ Cherice to do

4. 4. Define customer target demographic & Customer profile

4.1. Customer profile

4.1.1. industry

4.1.2. what do these customers want and need

4.1.3. how do these customers like to find solutions

4.1.4. how much are they willing to pay for solutions

4.1.5. what marketing channels do they frequent

4.2. Understanding the Market

4.2.1. TAM Total available market for a product or service / market cap

4.2.2. SAM Serviceable available market is your segment of the TAM your product or service is within your reach

4.2.3. SOM Serviceable obtainable market is the portion of the SAM you can capture

4.3. What are the selling and pain points your customers are interested in