Frequently Played Roles In Small Group

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Frequently Played Roles In Small Group by Mind Map: Frequently Played Roles In Small Group

1. Task leader

1.1. Recognized as a mature person who has good problem-solving ability and has good communication skills to exert effective leadership

2. Social-emotional leader

2.1. Perceive emotions, to access and generate emotions so as to assist thought, to understand emotions and reflectively regulate emotions to promote emotional and intlectual growth

3. Tension-releaser

3.1. offers breaks from stress by injecting humor or giving ideas for fun activities.

4. Information provider

4.1. offering facts or generalizations based on experience or authoritative sources -task roles

5. Central negative

5.1. The central negative argues against most of the ideas and proposals discussed in the group and often emerges as a result of a leadership challenge during group formation.

6. Questioner

6.1. equests more information and feelings to facilitate discussion.

7. Silent observer

7.1. keeping a record of various aspects of group processes and feeding this information, along with interpretations, into the group's evaluation of its procedures.

8. Active listener

8.1. focuses attention on the person speaking, asks questions that elicit what others are thinking and feeling

9. Recorder

9.1. writing down suggestions, recording group decisions, or recording the outcomes of the discussion. This provides tangible results of the group's effort -task roles