Body Systems Projects

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Body Systems Projects by Mind Map: Body Systems Projects


2. Outcomes

2.1. To know different body systems

2.2. To be able to work in cooperative groups

2.3. to know how each system works.

2.4. To understood different function of the body.

3. Assesment

3.1. Participation in gruops

3.2. Correct answers

3.3. Good explanation about the systems

3.4. Properly model making

3.5. Talk in front of the class

3.6. Use of ICT

4. Which are our aims with this proyect? AIMS

4.1. To know How our body works

4.2. To understood each function of each system

4.3. To use ICT to learn

4.4. To use discovering learning

4.5. To work in a cooperative groups

4.6. To use creativity to create a model making

5. What we are going to learn about. CONTENTS

5.1. Body systems

5.2. Muscular System

5.3. Skeleton System

5.4. Circulatory System

5.5. Nervous System

5.6. Lymphatic System

6. What we are going to do (5 groups, each one has a different system) ACTIVITIES

6.1. First step

6.1.1. What I know about X System What we want to know? / What I should know?

6.2. Second step

6.2.1. Find relevant information about the system and take notes.

6.3. Third step

6.3.1. Make a presentation with

6.4. Fourth step

6.4.1. Presentate your

6.5. Fifth step

6.5.1. Make a model about your system

6.6. Sixth step

6.6.1. Show and Put all your systems together

6.7. Seventh step

6.7.1. What do you learn about your system and about the others. (Brainstorm)

6.8. Eighth step

6.8.1. Make a mind map with all the Body systems