Exploration Method

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Exploration Method by Mind Map: Exploration Method

1. Geophysical

1.1. Gravity

1.2. Magnetic

1.3. Electrical

1.4. Seismic

2. Surface Technique

2.1. direct

2.1.1. seepages All petroleum traps can leak and consequently petroleum is able to seep toward the Earth’s surface. seepage process seal failure tertiary migration dissipation

2.1.2. outcrop Direct study and observation of rock formation Studying outcrops of rocks formation can be used as predictive tool to model: porosity permeability reservoir framework fracture Outcrops are mainly observed in: road cuts quarry mines

2.2. geological

2.2.1. Photogeology

2.2.2. Surface Mapping

2.2.3. Geochemical Survey

2.2.4. Remote Sensing