Poverty, Health and Social Justice

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Poverty, Health and Social Justice by Mind Map: Poverty, Health and Social Justice

1. incarceration

1.1. 80% of people incarcerated are in poverty

1.2. poor people with addiction issues are treated with jail

1.3. lack of funding for education programs/ skilled labor while incarcerated

2. lack of education

2.1. drop out rates- 80% due to peer pressure- not feeling like they are smart enough, have a future, they get made fun of for the way they dress, talk, act, car family drives

2.2. welfare system does not allow for assistance while in school (must be looking for full time work)

3. living wage

3.1. 67,000 was living wage for family of four in 2011, while poverty line was 22,000

3.2. working minimum wage did not satisfy maslows hierarchy- family member must choose between workings and not being able to pay utilities and seeing children

4. generational poverty

4.1. if higher education is not talked about- children do not even know there is something they can aspire to do

4.2. uneducated parents feel unable to help children achieve higher education

5. family

5.1. children are the number one priority

5.2. #1 motivator/care much more than materialistic things

5.3. will support family members before helping better themsleves

6. lack of resources

6.1. family members do not have childcare if working 2-3 jobs to earn a living wage

7. yes program

7.1. show children there are differences they can make- to be aware there are situations that can be changed with their generation

7.2. breaking the cycle of poverty