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1. What?

1.1. What persuaded God to create The heavens and earth?

1.2. What was going through God's mind when he was creating the heavens and earth?

2. Where?

2.1. Where did the the name "Heaven and Earth come from?

2.2. Where did God come from if he created the heavens and earth?

2.3. Where was God when he created the Heavens and Earth?

3. When?

3.1. When did God decide to create the heavens and earth? Did something significant happen to him that suddenly influence him to do so?

3.2. When do you think God decided that the heavens and earth were perfect and stopped creating them?

4. Why?

4.1. Why did god create earth?

4.2. Why did he create earth the way he did?

4.3. Why would God make mankind have dominion all the other creations?

4.4. Why did God only make Heaven and earth?

4.5. Why did God make man first?

4.6. Why could God not create everything all on the same day?

5. How?

5.1. How did god know how to create earth and heaven?

5.2. How did God know what to create?

5.3. How did God make things happen with just words?

5.4. How did god name everything? Did he plan ahead? Did he make it up as he went along?

5.5. How come darkness was there from the beginning but light had to be created afterwards?

6. Who?

6.1. Who was God talking to when he said "Let us make Humankind"?

6.1.1. Was it a person? Was he working with someone else?

7. Other

7.1. Do you think God had any idea what he was doing when he first started creating earth and the heavens?

7.2. Do you think God ever regretted his decision to create the heavens and earth?

7.3. Was God lonely when he created earth