Norse Myth: Main Plot Points 20 questions

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Norse Myth: Main Plot Points 20 questions by Mind Map: Norse Myth: Main Plot Points 20 questions

1. Who

1.1. who was buris wife

1.2. who was bors wife

1.3. Who, if anyone, created asgard

2. What

2.1. what was Ymirs purpose for being so cruel

2.2. what was the reason odin was able to breathe life into two trees to make them man and women

2.3. What was the reason odin felt he needed humans to look after midgard, could he not have had the gods and him do it?

3. When

3.1. When was odin crowned king of the gods

3.2. what was the length of time between the freeing of gods from ice and the creation of earth, the luminaries and man

3.3. When did the gods get incased in the ice

4. Where

4.1. Where did asgard come from as it seems it was randomly added in near the end of the story

4.2. Where were the gods before they were incased in ice?

4.3. Where were ymirs sisters durring the firstparts of the story

4.4. Where did the cow in the ice come from

5. Why

5.1. Why were the gods trapped in the ice in the first place

5.2. Why did the cow being licking the ice

5.3. Why did odin and the gods view ymir as cruel, what was the reasoning

5.4. Why would ymirs sisters take vengeance on odin by attacking humanity

6. how

6.1. How did they decide for odin to be king

6.2. How did ymir know to drink the cows milk

6.3. how did ymir have sisters if they were all from the ice