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Archetypes by Mind Map: Archetypes

1. How?

1.1. How do these archetypes relate to the creation of the world?

1.2. How do the archetypes affect the myth? Do they affect it positively or negatively

1.3. How were these archetypes placed into the myth? Were they placed in a certain paragraph on purpose?

2. Why?

2.1. Why are archetypes about certain people all the time?

2.2. Why aren't archetypes about multiple people?

2.3. Why are archetypes in myths?

2.4. Why were these certain archetypes chosen for this creation myth?

3. When?

3.1. When are archetypes necessary in this myth?

3.2. When do the archetypes take place? Are they places specifically?

3.3. When were these myths known for them to be in this myth?

4. Who?

4.1. Who are the archetypes always about?

4.2. Who do these archetypes always affect?

5. What?

5.1. What are the archetypes in this story based around?

5.2. What do the archetypes have to do with the myth? Does it make the myth better?

5.3. What do the archetypes relate to in the myth?

6. Where?

6.1. Where do these archetypes originate from? Are they made for this myth?

6.2. Where in the myth do the archetypes take place?

6.2.1. Are they placed in a certain order?

7. other

7.1. Are these archetypes in other myths, or are they just in this one?

7.2. Are archetypes always about Gods?

7.3. Is there any reason why these archetypes were chosen?