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Native Culture by Mind Map: Native Culture

1. Who?

1.1. Who wrote about God's creation? How does the person who wrote it know what happened?

1.2. Who did God's creation affect?

2. what?

2.1. Does the seventh day have any significance in Native culture?

2.2. What did God do after his creation?

2.3. Did God create Heaven and Earth at the same time?

2.4. Did God create angels before humankind?

2.5. What was the reaction of the male and female when they saw what GOD had created?

3. Where?

3.1. Where did God go when he was finish with his creation and where was he at first?

3.2. where did God make humankind?

3.3. Where did the name "heaven" and "Earth" come from?

4. When?

4.1. When did God's creation become apart of Native Culture?

5. Why?

5.1. Why did God only create Heaven and Earth? why not other settings?

5.2. Why did God rest on the seventh day? why did'nt he just create everything in one day?

5.3. Why is it important to understand native culture?

5.4. why does everyone have different beliefs as to how the earth was created? Was God's Creation not believable enough?

5.5. Why do sciencetist believe in evolution if it's proven that God is the creator?

6. How?

6.1. How comes there's only one creator compared to the other the myths where there is more than one gods

6.2. how long did the male and female live before they died?

6.3. How does Native culture respect or show appreciation in terms of God's creation?