Intermodal Transportation

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Intermodal Transportation by Mind Map: Intermodal Transportation

1. Management Issues (Lean modeling solutions)

1.1. Depending on page count: May include leadership principles, lean-6 modeling

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2. Introduce Innovative Measures

2.1. Electric Vehicles / Semi Trucks

2.2. Hyperloop Transport

2.3. Increased Containerization

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3. Conclusion

3.1. Restate Key concepts, environmental concerns, innovation/management applications.

4. Intro / Thesis

4.1. Without innovative leadership practices, the government and private sector will bottleneck future growth of the intermodal freight transportation systems and drive up operating costs within the network.

4.2. Today, freeways and interstates are incredibly congested with private and commercial vehicles. The growth rate and dependency for over-the-road transportation are placing an overwhelming burden on systems that are constructed and maintained via taxpayer dollars.

5. Key Concepts of the Intermodal Network

5.1. Explanation of the terms and ideology behind the system.

5.1.1. Over-the-Road transport

5.1.2. Rail

5.1.3. Air

5.1.4. Ship

5.1.5. Pipeline

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6. Transportation Environmental Aspects

6.1. Effects of stand-alone modes / dependency of vehicles (semi-trucks)

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