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My Network by Mind Map: My Network

1. Mrs. Gilbert - School counselor, would be very useful for finding out what courses and subjects I need to get into the job field.

2. NASA Employee - I would love to meet someone who works or has worked for NASA so that I can get some information on the environment and some can get some good resources.

3. Dad - My dad has a massive network and personally knows hundreds of people and could be very helpful at finding someone in a specific job field.

4. Ms. Ramsey - Chemistry teacher, could be a good resource for when I want to get into Chemistry & Astronomy.

5. Sam Carr - Cousin, has lots of knowledge toward computers and technology and would be really useful when needed information.

6. Mom - My parents own a physiotherapy clinic and could help with the business side and help me with application forms.

7. Lots of my other friends have jobs and have had them for some time, many of them would be a good resource when it came to looking for jobs and would also be good references.

8. My Uncle Tom - He has had multiple jobs in many different places and professions. He has lots of experience with jobs and could be a good resources for applying for one.

9. Mrs. Meraw - Planning teacher, has experience with jobs and after graduation planning. Good resource for creating Resume & Cover letter.

10. Mason Bjarnason - Good friend, has experience in the job field and would give good and honest advice if I needed it, would be there to support me (hopefully).

11. Mr. Mackenzie - Math & Physics teacher. Helpful for a reference letter and good for advice if needed.

12. Chemistry & Astronomy teachers at UBCO would be an awesome resource for when I go there and would be helpful at telling me my strengths and weaknesses.

13. Microsoft Employee - I would love to meet an employee of Microsoft, they could give me information when getting a job their and could also have some extra information.

14. Student Counselors - UBCO, would be very useful information, its what counselors specialize in so they would definitely be helpful.

15. Someone else who has a job, they would be helpful because they could tell me what I could need to get a job and could potentially help me gain a job in a specific field.