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My Network by Mind Map: My Network

1. My mom and dad: They are business owners, therefore have connections to several different individuals. They could help me meet some other business owners and could help me get into that field.

2. My uncle: he is someone I talk to everyday and have known since I was born. He works with Telus and knows plenty of people. He could help me get into that field and help me get a job if someone was hiring.

3. My best friend Sofia: I have known her for 11 years and talk to her everyday. She works at a restaurant and is a very hardworking girl. She could help me get a job there if I wanted to.

4. My aunt: she works at the university (UBCO) and knows lots of people there who could potentially help me if I wanted to pursue a career in teaching.

5. My older brother: We are very close and always help each other out when we need it. He is someone who I can rely on anytime I need him. He can help me set my goals and give me good advice along the way.

6. My cousin Pavan: I grew up being very close to her and she always helps me out. Currently, her occupation is an RN. She could help me get a job in the nursing field, as well as teach me more about nursing.

7. My teacher Mrs. Skogstad: I have known her for 2 years now. She currently is my dance teacher at school and is very respected at RSS. She can help me and teach me more about dance if I wanted to purse something in dance and she is someone who I can rely on.

8. My family friend: Manraj is my moms best friend and I have known her 15 years. She is a Medical Lab Tech, which means she could also help me get a job in the medical field and she could teach me more about her occupation.

9. my teacher Mr. Werry: I have known him for 3 years now. He was my social study teacher for 2 years and is a teacher who everyone loves. He could help me out by further expanding my knowledge about teaching, as well as give me advice and help as to what I could do after high school.

10. My friend Caitlyn: I have known her since elementary school and to this day is someone who I can rely on to help me. She is a very smart girl and has lots of knowledge to share. She could help me out by giving me advice and she could teach me about nursing since she would like to pursue a career in nursing when she's older.

11. My family doctor: Dr. McCloskey has been my family doctor for 14 years now and we have a very strong bond. He could help me because I can ask him about being a doctor and he could give me tips to become one if i'd like.

12. Home builder: Darcy had built the house i'm currently living in back in 2004. He is a good family friend plus he has won numerous awards for his homes. He could help me one day if I wanted to do something in the industry.

13. Chartered Accountant: My cousin who currently lives in Vancouver is a chartered accountant and is very smart compared to most people. I really like working with numbers and love math in general so she could help me down the road one day if I decided to pursue that career.

14. My counselor Mr. bridges: Mr. Bridges is my counselor at school and is always here to help me whenever i need it. He helps me by giving me advice and is always wanting to see me succeed. If I am ever unsure about anything he will always help me.

15. Teacher: One of my cousins is an elementary school teacher and she could benefit me greatly since she is very respected where she works. This could help me because if I decided to be a teacher one day, she could help me get a job and teach me about what its like.