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My Network by Mind Map: My Network

1. My dad Jozef Ulman. He owns his own small business and also does many one time jobs for machine related businesses so he could get me in contact with them

2. My Brother Jesse Ulman. He works at Greatway Martial Arts and knows many people from teaching their kids so he could get me in contact with some of them.

3. My Teacher Mr. Major. I've had him as a teacher for 4 years now. He has experience in work and study fields that I'm interested in so I can talk to him about what I need to do.

4. My friend Daniel's mom. She has connections to many jobs and has been helping Daniel get a job so she could help me too.

5. My friend Nathan. Nathan is pretty popular and is friends many many people so i'm sure he could introduce me to someone who knows something about jobs in the area.

6. My Brother's Friends. I kind of know some of my brother's friends because they come over to our house very often and as young adults they have a large variety of jobs so any one of them could get me in contact with someone.

7. Ms. Bruckal. She was my math teacher last year and math is my best subject so I could talk to her about careers that would suit me based on that.

8. Mr. Rideout. He was my electronics teacher and one of my career interests is being an electrician so I could talk to him about what I would need to do.

9. Todd Dust. Todd was the man I was with for my job shadow, after the shadow he gave me his card and said that I could talk to him if I wanted more information on the career (architect)

10. My Best Friend Zach (Zachary) Pedersen. He already has a job at Boston Pizza and could help me get a job there.

11. My mom Valeria Ulman. She works at a daycare and is friends with many of the parents of the kids that come there so if I were looking for a job she could ask around with the parents to see if anywhere was hiring.

12. My neighbor and friend Corey. He is 3 years older than me and has had a few jobs so he could help me find one.

13. My Friend's Friends. I know lots of my friend's friends because of my friend Zach's Discord server and many of them are starting to get into working so they can inform me of places that are hiring and I might get a job in the same place as one of them

14. The school councilors. I don't know them very well but they might be the best people to ask about getting a job as it's part of theirs.

15. My friend Zach's dad. He works with software programming and repairs computer parts like speakers so if I wanted a job in programming I could talk to him.