The Complete Guide for Being Organized: Productivity & Self-Management

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The Complete Guide for Being Organized: Productivity & Self-Management by Mind Map: The Complete Guide for Being Organized: Productivity & Self-Management

1. Feel free to contact me

2. Guidelines

2.1. I give one example of each app, but you can search for alternatives here →

2.1.1. Everything example here is free to use

2.2. קשה לכם עם האנגלית? פתרון בפנים

2.2.1. Trouble with the English?

2.3. Got suggestions? just send me a quick mail

2.4. Confused? Click on that image on the bottom-left side

3. Cloud Life

3.1. File Storage

3.1.1. Photo Storage Scanned Storage Music Storage

3.2. Note System & Accessible Lists

3.2.1. Learning Tools Content Consuming To-be-Consumed List

3.2.2. How should I organize my note system?

3.3. Task System & Calendar

3.3.1. Mail Extensions for mail & Calendars

3.3.2. How should I organize my task system?

3.4. Social Profiles

4. Your Computer: Customized Access To Your Things

4.1. Chrome: Your centralized toolbox

4.1.1. Things you might want in your bookmarks toolkit All of the things in the Cloud-Life category. ALL OF THEM. Your chat app in browser And ANYTHING you often use on your phone that you can use on your computer. Why not? Translator for non-English speakers Specific files you come back to all the time Such as a Collaborative Shopping list A collaborative plan for my next trip abroad A folder with 2-3 things I want to look at everyday. Right click on folders to open all in one click A folder for my content-consuming sites Specific Design Tools Create graphic designs/presentations using templates Create Sites Quick-Photoshop Visual, zero-knowledge Video Editing Plan your house or room

4.1.2. Some "Chrome Extensions" that are useful for anyone

4.2. Your human-machine skills: Shortcuts and time-saving services

4.2.1. Automate Things Easily Examples of IFTTT Track your work hours in Google Calendar Rain tomorrow? Get a mobile notification Receiving a text containing "Ring ring" will set the ringtone volume to 100% and call your device. Automate anything without limits, for free

4.2.2. Basic, always working Controls of computers

4.2.3. Using Two Languages? Typing a word in the wrong lanuage Auto-correction on any app

4.3. Your search skills: your 21st Century skill

4.3.1. There's a service (app/website) for everything. Here's how to find dedicated tools

5. Your Quick- Access Kit: Your Phone

5.1. Your Homescreen

5.1.1. Example with Todoist

5.2. Quick-add to lists and calender

5.3. Connecting your devices

5.4. Type x3 Faster

5.5. Don't let anyone but you to control your time

5.6. Other time-saving phone tools

5.6.1. Your Own Notification Area

5.6.2. Watch Youtube while doing other things

5.6.3. Stop using the lock button

5.6.4. Event Sync to get events from Facebook to your Gmail Calendar

6. Deep Focus (/Work) Environment

6.1. Breaks

6.1.1. Quick Reminders

6.2. Positivness

6.2.1. Atmosphere

6.2.2. Stress Removing Meditation

6.3. Body

6.3.1. Apps to keep your body better (show by clicking the circle →) Your eyes at night The way you hold your phone

6.4. Focus

6.4.1. Limited Resources & Nonexistence of Multitasking Music for focus

6.4.2. No Distraction Block certain time-killers News Feed Eradicator Forest

6.4.3. Evaluate Your Focus Monitor: Screen Time Record your screen

7. Importance Dashboard: Things I want to do

7.1. Improvement Sheet: What do you want to improve in?

7.2. Implementing Habits Methods

7.3. ONE PLACE for each kind of item

7.3.1. 'Capture' Principle

7.3.2. Set one weekly hour for organizing captured items

8. To read this presentation, Click on those circles: