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Interview by Mind Map: Interview

1. What´s your strenghts?

1.1. I am a mult-task and a fast learner. I am a sociable person and I get along with people very well.

1.2. I am got at training people about project management, I work well in teams because I like to work hand in hand.

1.3. I solve at problem easily. I am organized and I know how I organized my load for giving good results.

2. What's your weakness?

2.1. I have been working on project management for almost ten years. I think my largest weakness is expecting too much from colleagues, because in project, we always have deadline and meet deadlines is important to me.

3. Why should we hire you?

3.1. I am a great asset because I have a lot of experience in Customer Service and Project Management and strong skills for working in this position that your company needs.

4. Tell me about yourself?

4.1. I am Brazilian, my languages mother is portuguese but I am good at french and english. I have master degree´s in Project Management. I finished my Master in Brazil in 2017 by Fundação Getulio Vargas and I have BA in Administration Business, I have finished in 2007.

5. What are your salary expectations?

5.1. My salary requirements are flexible, but my minimum is 400.000 net salary

6. Why Do You Want This Job?

6.1. I want this job because emphatizes customer service and I can cooperate with my knowledge in Project Managment

7. Tell me about your experience?

7.1. 2010 untill 2017, in the evening I taugh, Project Managemet and too I have been worked on project management during the day I have worked at Company. I was project management and I managed project about tecnology being responsible for managing scope, control timeline, making a lot of reports, meeting clients and trying methology for meeting my project in the dealine with efficiency

7.2. I have been working on project for 10 years. In 2003, I worked at Bradesco Bank. It's the most important Bank at South America. I started st the Customer Services Departament, at beging I provide advice by phone to the client about financial matters, credit card and insurance.

7.3. In 2010 I lived in Canada for studying French and English. I have been there for 6 months.

7.4. After two years, I was promoted to monitoring the qualiy of the telemarketinf operators after one year I was promoted again to Project Managment Departament. I was analyst and I help my coordninator led project about Eletronic Commerce. I was responsible for managing the scope and controle every deliverables and monitored performace of the project.