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Revid by Mind Map: Revid

1. Saved

2. Profile

2.1. Own Profile

2.1.1. Edit Name Show info from setting City Show info from setting Profile Picture Show placeholder when no image Show image On click: Select from gallery or Take image Personal Information Name Hometown

2.1.2. Trust Score

2.1.3. About

2.1.4. From

2.1.5. Currently in

2.1.6. Cities Visited

2.2. Public Pofile

3. Explore

3.1. Search Box

3.1.1. On Click: Open Search Popup Search Form City Hotel Chain Exact Hotel Name Near You Location enabled Location not enabled Anywhere Go to Feed "Anywhere" Recent Searches Show last 5 search terms by user - when clicked trigger same search again Popular Searches Last 5 popular search terms (overall) - when clicked trigger the search based on the term

3.2. Feed

3.2.1. Trending revids

3.2.2. What's going on

3.3. Map View

4. Alerts

5. Addition

6. Signup/Login