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Homework by Mind Map: Homework

1. Fight inequalities

1.1. Pedagogy

1.2. Differentiation

1.3. Educational support

2. Controversy

2.1. Benefices

2.1.1. Memorization

2.1.2. Consolidate learning

2.1.3. Autonomy Acquire a method of work

2.2. Disadvantage

2.2.1. learning inequalities between the students who do their homework and those who do not do it, it widens a gap. Gap is bigger as some students are well accompanied and others not at all

2.2.2. the days of students are too long and are therefore harmful

3. Various actors

3.1. Teachers

3.2. Parents

3.3. Students

3.4. Accompanist

4. Homework: How Much Is Too Much?