Improve Hot Deals for PLA

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Improve Hot Deals for PLA by Mind Map: Improve Hot Deals for PLA

1. Make the anchor SKU more compelling

1.1. Improve the Picture

1.1.1. User Generated photos

1.1.2. Number of photos

1.1.3. Lifestyle vs. silo

1.1.4. Zoom functionality

1.1.5. Image Size/Aspect Ratio

1.2. Leverage Reviews more

1.2.1. Improve the presence of reviews

1.2.2. Improve the review UI

1.2.3. Sort hyper-relevant reviews

1.3. Improve the Price block

1.3.1. Sale price/discount/urgency/scarcity

1.4. Services

1.4.1. Delivery and installation?

2. Make the alternate SKU's more compelling

2.1. # of alternate SKU's (by default)

2.2. Algorithm's w/Max

2.3. Layout (2/3/4 across by device)

2.4. Filter & Sort functionality

2.5. Lazy Load vs. Pagination

2.6. Grid SKU's appearing above fold

2.7. Favorites (hearts) on Grid

3. Make the Page Load faster

3.1. Improve how we load the main SKU

3.2. Improve how we load the grid SKUs

3.3. Improve all-other navigation/feature set

4. Improve Messaging & Navigation

4.1. Sitewide Banner (Free Shipping/Free Returns/>$49 Messaging

4.2. Secondary Nav on related categories?

4.3. More focused paths to "SALE?"