Defaults & Dismissals

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Defaults & Dismissals by Mind Map: Defaults & Dismissals

1. Default Judgement

1.1. 2 Steps

1.1.1. Entry of a default Legal significance Official recognition First step to default Same as finding liability Sanction/freezes action

1.1.2. Default Judgement When clerk may enter judgement and court must do so. 2 Ways to enter By Clerk By Court

2. Dismissal

2.1. Voluntary

2.1.1. May be by plaintiff By plaintiff before defendant serves an answer or pre-answer motion Simple notice of dismissal filing Not required that court approves Occurs without prejudice

2.1.2. By Stipulation Signed by parties Accomplished with filing notice of dismissal Doesn't require court approval Firs one dismissal of this manner is w/o prejudice

2.1.3. May be by court Order Discretionary w/ court must motion to dismiss court decides if w/ or w/o prejudice

2.2. Involuntary

2.2.1. W/ prejudice (on merits) Generally, all involuntary unless in 41(b) are with prejudice

2.2.2. W/o Prejudice (rule 41 b) Any involuntary dismissal court orders to be w/o prejudice. (Those in rule 12 b 1,2,3, & 7) Lack of Jurisdiction improper venue failure to join under rule 19