Spanish - American War ( AJA WILSON)

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Spanish - American War ( AJA WILSON) by Mind Map: Spanish - American War  ( AJA WILSON)

1. Causes ?

1.1. Desire to strengthen military.

1.1.1. Desire for Naval Bases. Was needed to refuel Navy.

1.1.2. Destruction of the U.S.S Maine Sank in Havana Harbor, which precipitated the war .

1.2. Extreme Nationalism.

1.2.1. Nationalism - Love or one's pride for their country.

1.2.2. Many protested "to hell with Spain" Jingoism - aggressive nationalism.

1.3. American Businesses interested in Cuba

1.3.1. Wanted to maintain these businesses, which led more people to intervene.

1.3.2. Millions of Dollars had been invested in these certain businesses as well.

2. Battles ?

2.1. Battle of San Juan Hill

2.1.1. Caused T. Roosevelt to rise to "stardom"

2.2. Battle of Manila Bay

2.2.1. U.S destroyed the Spanish pacific fleet.

2.3. Battle of El Caney

2.3.1. U.S attacked Spanish installation.

2.3.2. Ended in another U.S victory

3. Other Gains?

3.1. U.S Expanisionism

3.1.1. United states economic influence spread through the Pacific. Wanted to spread democracy.

3.1.2. The U.S looked for new Markets in foreign land.

4. Key People ?

4.1. George Dewey

4.1.1. Led the attack on Spain in the Philippines.

4.2. Theodore Rosevelt

4.2.1. (NOT president yet)

4.2.2. Was the secretary to the Navy but resigned to enlist in the Army and fight against Spain. Led Rough Riders

4.3. Rough Riders

4.3.1. 1st U.S Volunteer Calvary that fought in the war.

4.4. Emilio Aguinaldo

4.4.1. Local Philippine Native. U.S promised they would give him and his people control of the Philippines if they helped them defeat Spain. THEY lied and took over instead.

5. Results ?

5.1. U.S acquired colonies.

5.1.1. Puerto Rico, Cuba, Philippines

5.2. Spain was removed from the Western Hemisphere

5.2.1. That helped secure the power for the U.S

5.3. Markets were opened in Cuba (and elsewhere.)

5.3.1. More trade was established as a result.