Gentrification can be visually appealing but results in more harm to communities.

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Gentrification can be visually appealing but results in more harm to communities. by Mind Map: Gentrification can be visually appealing but results in more harm to communities.

1. Article: "Gentrification Provokes A Coffee Clash In Fivepoints" by Helen Raleigh.

2. Communities lack business investments.

2.1. Fill the gap in public education in the community.

2.2. Establish relationships with he diverse community to be welcomed.

2.3. Only visually see the gentrification through their businesses but no money is being invested back into the schools or previous occupants.

2.4. Displacement of families due to the residential community being turned into a business.

3. Even though the residents might be against the businesses, the economic development actually helps Five Points.

3.1. The streets are now going through maintenance.

3.2. The value of many homes has been increased due to the demand.

3.3. The old factories/buildings are being renovated or restored.

3.4. Community is growing overall with new faces

3.5. Past existent business owners now have a higher foot traffic

4. Despite the average income of the community being high, demographically Latinos and Blacks are living in poverty.

4.1. No better option than to move along with the crowd.

4.2. Invest in public and private education for youth.

4.3. The redevelopment of near businesses have been renovated to suit the needs of the rich, without keeping in mind the past population and what needs they had.

4.4. Direct community displacement when residents cannot afford to stay in the location

5. New residents blame the crime, drugs and urban flight against the predominantly African American residents.

5.1. Higher crime rates due to new community members calling on their own neighbors for being intimidated.

5.2. The residents that decided to stay need to of further community development to get the needs they desire.

5.3. Crime was present before and will remain present.

5.4. There was a mini home homeless shelter designed and constructed.

5.5. Abandoned buidlings have been given second life

6. Misleading information is passed on the media about "RHINO"

6.1. Ignorant marketing tactics are disrespectful and joke about a sad reality.

6.2. Their presense ont he community domesticates their presence despite the displacement.

6.3. Community has overthrown a business by civil disobedience and community outreach.

6.4. New community members are uneducated about the history of the neighborhood.