Dstoq (Later)

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Dstoq (Later) by Mind Map: Dstoq (Later)

1. Not Logged In

1.1. Sign up (Create new Stellar Wallet)

1.1.1. New Keystore Ask for password Confirm Password

1.1.2. New Key Pair Generate and show Private Key Show Public Key

1.2. Log In

1.2.1. With Keystore Type password Upload file

1.2.2. With Private Key Paste Private key

2. Logged In

2.1. Wallet

2.1.1. ballance for each currency for bonds/stocks

2.1.2. funding options KYC XLM BTC ETH

2.2. account

2.2.1. KYC Not started generate IDNow identifier Started check IDNow Status Completed Aprroved Rejected

2.2.2. user details name dob passport gender etc AML score

2.3. logout

3. Trading View

3.1. Asset listing (like on Bancor)

3.1.1. company logo

3.1.2. company ticker

3.1.3. price/unit

3.1.4. chance since 24h

3.1.5. liquidity

3.1.6. volume last 24h