Good Reasons for an Online Alias

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Good Reasons for an Online Alias by Mind Map: Good Reasons for an Online Alias

1. Protect the identity of persons requesting information delivery via public social media

1.1. Librarians

2. Privacy

2.1. AlAnon

2.2. Healthcare patient support groups

3. Security

3.1. Have a distinctly separate identity to protect secure information from job or work environment

3.1.1. Military

3.1.2. Healthcare provider

3.1.3. Religious

3.1.4. Corporate R&D

4. Safety

4.1. Worker in controversial profession

4.1.1. Sex workers

4.1.2. Abortion doctors

4.1.3. Medical marijuana store owners and suppliers

4.2. High profile in main identity

4.2.1. Entertainers (some)

4.2.2. District attorney

4.2.3. Politicians

4.3. Victims

4.3.1. Stalker victim seeks to avoid discovery by stalker

4.3.2. Bullying victim

4.3.3. Battered persons in online support group seek to avoid discovery by their attacker

4.4. FBI Witness protection program, and similar circumstances

5. Stigma

5.1. LGBT

5.1.1. Especially transgendered

5.1.2. Especially intersex

5.2. Stigmatized diagnosis

5.2.1. Mental illness

5.2.2. Specific conditions Alzheimers ADHD Cancer Herpes HIV/AIDS Leprosy Multiple sclerosis Tuberculosis

5.2.3. Disability Learning disability Cognitive disability Physical disability

5.3. Relationship to stigmatized person

5.3.1. Suicide survivor

5.4. Appearance

5.4.1. Facial difference

5.4.2. Unusual height or lack of height

5.4.3. Missing limbs

6. Identity

6.1. Separation of work and personal life

6.2. Have a stage identity for specific dramatic purposes

6.3. Hoping for a new lease on life in a new community

6.4. Personal branding

6.4.1. Common name hard to disambiguate

6.4.2. Someone else with the same name, but you'd rather not be confused with them

6.5. Frequent attacks by online trolls/griefers drown out your ability to communicate

6.6. Best known through identity used in online game, forum, or virtual world