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My Network by Mind Map: My Network

1. My Dad. Owns a scaffolding company and could get me a job as a receptionist or a worker.

2. My friend Sofia. She could help me get a job at the restaurant she works at by giving me a reference!

3. My friend Catherine. She volunteers at the hospital, and can talk to me about tasks she does and refer me to her manager so I could volunteer and gain experience in a hospital for my wanted job as a surgeon.

4. Stacy. My moms friend that owns a Karaoke place, I could get a job there!

5. My cousin Rachel. She is in med school, and could inform me of the effort I need to put in to fulfill my career aspiration. (medical feild)

6. Mrs Walters. Has a lot of information about careers and could help me get a job shadows to increase my experiences.

7. Nurse, I could consult a nurse about their prior schooling and their day to day work!

8. Counsiller, I have been interested in social work and counsilling so i could communicate with a counsiller to see their everyday tasks, and post-secondary education.

9. My auntie Bea, She is a university professor and could recommend me to take certain classes that would be suitable for certain jobs.

10. My Sister works at dominoes, she could give me a reference and possibly get me a job.

11. My Step-Mom Vania. Owns a hair salon in the basement, could hire me to work in her salon as a nail technician, hair dresser, or esthetician.

12. Mr Dorf. He has career opportunities available that he could inform me of, i could apply at these places and get a job!

13. My cheer coach Demi. She could help me get a job at her cheer gym because of my previous coaching experience.

14. My dogs veterinarian he could possibly give me a job shadow and inform me about post secondary options

15. My Physiotherapist Kendra, could inform me of the schooling she took to become a physiotherapist, and give me a letter of reference for a school I want to attend.