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School Improvement Plan Goals 2011-12 by Mind Map: School Improvement
Plan Goals
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School Improvement Plan Goals 2011-12

School Goals

73% of students will score proficient on the Reading EOG

Strategy 1: Implement 5-day Guided Reading focus areas that include SRA/Direct Instruction, Teachers, Generate, Student Data, From pre-assessments, QRI, DIBELS, DRA, EOG, Assign, Small groups, based on pre-assessment data, Rotate, Students, between 3 daily 20-min. GR sessions, Create, Lesson plans, Fit 5-day schedule guidelines, PEPs, For students, Level I, Level 2, Admin, Provide, Instructions for a 5-day schedule, During PLCs, Feedback, Opportunities for collaboration, Monitor, Implementation, 5-day schedule, Transition times, Lesson plans, Use of data, PEP Development

Strategy 2: Utilize universtiy interns, TA's and tutors to support small group instruction for Level I and II students, Admin & Staff, Design, Schedule, That rotates, Personnel, Student interns, TAs, Tutors, During instruction, Admin, Provide, Opportunities for, Collaborative Planning, Teachers, University Coordinator, TAs, Communication, Teachers, Interns, TAs, Tutors, Universities

Strategy 3: Provide additional time/support for all students and sub-groups on individual reading needs, Teachers, Identify student reading needs, Using available data, Develop, Lesson plans, Address identified student reading needs, Provide, Double-dose of reading, To students, Minimum of 4 days per wk, Leadership Team, Create, I/E Block, 30 min, On Master Schedule, Admin, Teacher Leaders, & Teachers, Monitor implementation, Assess student progress

85% of students will score proficient on the Math EOG.

Strategy 1: Create mathematical environment in which students will increase knowledge in problem solving., Continue teaching the use of SOLVE, MGMs will focus steps of SOLVE., Teachers will establish use of SOLVE with specific goals and objectives, Teachers teach meaning of SOLVE., Teachers teach components of SOLVE during Math instruction., Administration monitors implementation during Math instruction., Administration provide feedback during MGMs., Provide additional opportunities with multi-step problems

Strategy 2: Implement whole class, small group and center instruction during Daily Guided Math (Tier 1 of RTI), Teachers will establish time limits for teaching specific goals and objectives., using planning time, map out time limits, Establish a fact masters/problem-of-the-day program in each grade level., Teachers will meet w/ grade levels quarterly to discuss vertical alignment and implementation of strategies based on data, Weekly, during PLCs, administration, teachers, the Curriculum Facilitator, and Data Coach will review data to develop lessons and strategies that address identified areas of need., Teachers will create, model, and re-teach lessons based on materials and information from DPI and other sources that incorporate best practices

Strategy 3: Increase teacher's knowledge of research based strategies for improved student performance., Based on data (i.e., Summative Assessment, EOGs, Benchmarks), provide ongoing professional development to address identified areas of need, EC, ESOL, Coaching will be provided, Regional, Teacher Leaders, Administration, District, Modeling, w/ feedback, Identify book for book study, Provide opportunities to observe and conference with Master Teachers - Inter-school and Intra-school, Centers, Strategies, Research-based

Based on summative assessment report and EOG data, each grade level will receive focused instruction based on the strategy changes listed in School Goal 2, Kindergartener will receive more instruction with number sense

Character Development Goals

Safe Schools Plan

At least 100% of



Koontz, Grd 4

Griffin, Kinder

Saunders, EC

Webb, Admin

Thomas, Grd 5

Humble, Classified

Bartell, Grd 1

Graves, Admin

Smith, Data Coach

Holder, Grd 2

Heggie, Grd 3


Robinson, CF

Pendleton, Media

Turley, Specialists

Action Steps

Use Docs to do K - 2 review of performance for 2010-11


Steam cleaning