How might I curve underage drinking

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How might I curve underage drinking by Mind Map: How might I curve underage drinking

1. What are all the ways we can change miami activities to be appealing

1.1. Survey students on fun activties

1.2. Crazier stunts

1.3. Bigger and better activites

1.4. Specific fandom things

1.5. Free food

1.6. Creating a 21 and Under club on campus

1.7. Dodgeball tournaments

1.8. glow in the dark capture the flag

1.9. Extra credit from teachers

1.10. Bait students into coming to the events

1.10.1. Free tuition

1.10.2. 100 declining balance dollars

1.10.3. get out of jail free card

1.10.4. MONEYYYY

2. What are all the things you can do on a Saturday night?

2.1. Chill with friends

2.2. Play ping pong

2.3. Watch a movie

2.4. SLEEP

2.5. Board games

2.5.1. Monopoly

2.5.2. Chess

2.5.3. War

2.5.4. Card games

2.5.5. Settlers of catan

2.6. Volunteer

2.7. Read a book

2.8. Watch TV

2.8.1. Netflix

2.8.2. Hulu

2.8.3. Amazon prime

2.8.4. Youtube

2.9. CAll your parents

2.10. Color

2.11. Go for a walk

2.12. Scroll through your camera roll

2.13. Facet time your friends you haven't seen in awhile

2.14. Chill in armstrong

2.15. Take a Nap

2.16. Listen to Music

2.17. Take a shower cause you stink

2.18. Go to the gym

2.19. Watch music videos

2.20. Learn a new skill

2.20.1. Playing the piano

2.20.2. learning a different instrument

2.20.3. learning a new language

2.20.4. Finding out how to use photoshop

2.21. Watch the drunk kids as they stumble back

2.22. come up with a comedy routine

2.23. plan for your future

2.24. Do the homework that you're holding off till monday

3. What ways can students bond other than drinking

3.1. Being on a sports team

3.1.1. Soccer

3.1.2. Rugby

3.1.3. Broomball

3.2. Playing video game in the dorms

3.3. Going on dates

3.3.1. Going out to eat

3.3.2. Walking through uptown

3.3.3. Not drinking but going to the bars

3.4. Watching sports games

3.5. Going on hikes

3.5.1. Western Trail

3.6. Taking an adventure

3.7. Having a normal conversation since you can't hear anything in a bar

3.8. Plan a trip for the summer