Self Evaluation

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Self Evaluation by Mind Map: Self Evaluation

1. Web page

1.1. Completed all the pages and put equal work on every page.

1.2. Did an outstanding performance, in my opinion.

1.3. Put 100% effort into every web page.

2. Movie Project

2.1. Was acquainted to many new programs.

2.1.1. Were very useful in the creation of my movie.

2.2. Did a satisfactory job on the movie performance considering the conditions I had.

2.3. I will admit I did not exactly try my best, but I will admit I worked hard on the project.

3. I believe I deserve an A in my class, the mark ranging from a 93-96 depending on your point of view on my work.

4. All quizzes have been done and I have performed well in more than 95% of all the quizzes.

5. In addition to my hard work and proper usage of class time, I have not disturbed my peers during class time.